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Self Esteem Day June 27th – 101+ Self Esteem Tips to Share and Care

Self esteem is formed from birth onwards and low or high self esteem levels impact success in life – says Janice Davies, founder of Self Day. Born with healthy esteem, Janice was a victim of school bullying in her teens. It took eighteen years to discover the experience left her with low self esteem.

On Google almost one million people annually search for information on self esteem. Jack Canfield, world famous author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books, also proclaims the power of self esteem as a keystone to success, starting with his self esteem series for schools and teachers.

The late great John Lennon said: The best person to be – is yourself

Driven by her desire to make a difference, Davies, has created the annual international Self Esteem Day renamed Selfday. The charitable non-profit organization is dedicated to sharing resources and motivate action to help enhance human effectiveness and to build healthy self confidence

“Selfday, aims not only to bring esteem awareness, but to jump start people into action, to take care and honor themselves. Job losses and scarcity, financial ruin, winter ills and doom and gloom, can have people negative and ‘out of sorts’. We invite people to engage in activities to boost their own esteem and boost others. We provide tips at www.internationalselfesteem.com and www.selfesteemday.com

Everyone can learn to believe in themselves. Unless one does, we function from a place of fear and scarcity which often manifests in the opposite of what most of us truly desire. Selfday aims to inspire the practice of self belief and confidence globally with more tips posted hourly on selfesteemday facebook page.

Positive self esteem is a journey, Janice says. She walks her talk and had to listen to her own advice when she collapsed, died and was revived on 6th October 2010. She’s had to resurrect herself and with a second chance at life, shares her memoirs in her new book: The Success Attitude – Haunting Messages Guiding Us: school bullying victim to global leader. Details at www.thesuccessattitude.info she has also written the movie script.

As the new president of the International Council of Self Esteem, Janice is working with other online businesses, committed to expanding the self nurture message, plus with the help of national media, Selfday is continuing to gain momentum and encourage awareness.

For more information on Janice or Selfday including free products and tips for work and home for all age groups visit www.internationalselfesteem.com


Janice is available for interviews.

Email Janice@attitudespecialist.com or skype: attitudespecialist.

Her website www.attitudespecialist.com

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