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Circle of Life Coaching

The Circle of Life is a holistic and comprehensive lifestyle coaching method for stress mastery, integrative medicine, and personal effectiveness that engages each person on all levels — physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. Self-reliant and self-directed individuals who are joyful and productive, renew and enhance our families, companies, and communities for a strong nation and a peaceful world.

As a certified Circle of Life Coach I can offer private or group coaching in the eight week format created by Rebecca McClain, founder.  The Circle of Life was developed to mobilize the incredible wisdom, strength, and knowledge that reside naturally within each individual. An easy to use tool was needed to help make the connection between individuals and their needed resources for improvement.

The Circle of Life will help to shine light on your path as you intentionally direct your energy in your personal journey. Harmonious relationships, meaningful work, emotional and physical healing, the fulfillment of your life purpose, expressive creativity and deep personal peace are like seeds within you. They are awaiting your acknowledgment, attention and your cultivation.

How does Circle of Life (COL) work? The COL process works like a GPS device, it allows you to identify where you currently are and creates a path to get to where you want to be. There are 6 phases to this process that can be implemented individually although it has great strength being used as a group coaching process.

  • Phase 1: Assess 12 areas of your life, identifying strengths and areas needing improvement.
  • Phase 2: Determine your readiness for change.
  • Phase 3: Design a blueprint of change, acknowledging strengths, recognizing challenges, and setting realistic goals.
  • Phase 4: Create a step by step action plan that really can work for YOU.
  • Phase 5: Receive support from your coach and/or group members, tap into your inner guidance, take action.
  • Phase 6: Accountability, celebrate victories, learn and revise what is not working for you.

This simple but potent coaching system utilizes these various phases until participants arrive at their destination.  In this sense, it is fail-safe. Most groups run for 6-8 weeks.  Once learned, the process can be used repeatedly with or without a coach (though without a coach you want to find yourself an accountability partner!)

Contact me if you are interested in starting your own group, would like to join a group, start a Wellness Program for you and your coworkers. or wish to begin your own growth and healing journey with one-on-one coaching.

Want to know more about Circle of Life?  Visit http://www.healthandwellnesscoaching.org

or contact Michelle at michelle@nourishandbloom.com


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