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Meet Michelle

Going through infertility has truly impacted and transformed my whole life.   While in the throws of it, I allowed infertility to define my life to a point of such pain and isolation that I lost connection with many aspects of my life that I had previously enjoyed – especially creativity.   On some level, I believed that if I could not pro-create, that I could not create so all my creative endeavors like painting and art/crafts just dissolved.   My sense of self care extended only to hormone injections and blood work.  I become lost in the haze of procedures, miscarriages, grief and fear.

I was desperate for relief from the stress and lack of hope.  I sought out alternative, holistic practitioners and found compassion at my acupuncture clinic, some sense of peace at my mind/body class, and healing connection at my support group.  A whole new world opened to me, as I was invited to become President of Resolve of Houston, to be Retreat Coordinator at The Fertile Soul.  The depth of connection with the amazing women that came to retreat was breathtaking and I knew I had found my purpose.  Becoming a coach was one of the Jewels of the Journey during my struggle with infertility.

I dove into educating myself  further with alternative healing modalities, and acquired certifications in life coaching with Circle of Life, and with Guiding Mindful Change and with Renee Trudeau & Associates to facilitate Personal Renewal Groups for Moms.

My mission is to support women through the crisis of infertility, and beyond to women/moms desiring a life of balance, authenticity and self discovery in motherhood through Essensual Self Care ™– to find their own guiding light by connecting to their innate inner wisdom, to make conscious and empowered choices, to shine the light so they can pick up their own Jewels of the Journey ™ so their soul can shine brightly from the inside out and then share their unique gifts to their family, community and the world.

Namaste!  Alegria!  Blessings!

Michelle Galatoire Life & Wellness Coach


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“Michelle Galatoire has been immersed in womens health throughout her own personal and professional life. Her compassion, wisdom, and heart of healing touch the soul.  Michelle’s coaching skills are unsurpassed. As a friend and colleague, I can always count on the depth and wealth of her insight.”

Randine Lewis, L.Ac., Ph.D. Author of The Infertility Cure, and The Way of the Fertile Soul www.thefertilesoul.com


Education & Experience:

Certified Circle of Life Coach, trained with Rebecca McLean, Circle of Life Founder

Certified Guiding Mindful Change Life Coach, with founder Billie Frances

Personal Renewal Group Facilitator, Renee Trudeaux’s ’A Mother’s Guide to Self Renewal

Retreat Coordinator & Wellness Coach, Dr Randine Lewis, The Fertile Soul Retreats

Other studies include:  EFT, Quantum Touch, Acupressure & Aromatherapy

The soul, like the moon, is new and always new again.”  Lalla