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Nourish Your Body at a Cellular Level

In 2005 I discovered a line of nutritional health products that trust for myself, my family and my clients.  It is Usana Health Sciences.

Usana is endorsed by Dr Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, and also by my mentors Dr Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure and Dr Deb Kern, author of Creating the Body Your Soul Desires. 

For a custom assessment of your body’s specific needs, go to www.nourishandbloom.usana.com and click Total Health Assessment in the light grey bar across the upper part of the page.  You will receive extensive recommendations of your body’s supplementation needs as well as nutritional and activity recommendations for where your body is now.

You can read more about these products at www.nourishandbloom.usana.com


More about Usana Health Sciences:


Your answer to cellular health is delivered to you by USANA, via THREE powerful product lines:

    • Pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements for all generations
    • Low-glycemic convenience foods that help curb carb addictions
    • Artificial-preservative-free skin care that nutrients from the outside in!

USANA Health Sciences formulates exceptional, science-based nutritional and personal-care products. However, inferior manufacturing can destroy even the greatest product formulations. For this reason, USANA manufactures its own nutritional supplements, and voluntarily meets pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Pharmaceutical GMP standards are far more stringent than the food GMP requirements set by the U.S. government for supplements.                        

To adhere to the exacting standards of pharmaceutical GMP, and to ensure the quality of every product manufactured, USANA inspects all raw ingredients before they are mixed, tests the product during manufacturing, and performs a final analysis before any product is sent to the customer. USANA’s Quality Assurance team keeps track of every detail, from careful testing and evaluation of raw materials, to meticulous product shipping and storage. Visitors to USANA’s corporate headquarters can take a self-guided tour to see USANA’s manufacturing process firsthand.

And when you are ready to get your home as health as your body, this book will get you there!

Healthy Home is here!

In The Healthy Home, a father and son–Dr. Myron Wentz, well-known microbiologist and founder of the USANA Corporation, and Dave Wentz, CEO of the USANA Corporation–take readers on a tour of a specific home for a look at the surprising health risks posed by the everyday products and behaviors of a modern family. Beginning in the bedroom and ending in the garage and backyard, readers learn about the degenerative effects of toxins in the home and receive simple solutions to help minimize exposure without foregoing convenience.

The Healthy Home is not a comprehensive tome on modern health hazards; nor is it a treatise on eco-conscious living. Instead, the book focuses on the most important environment–the home–and the problems that can most easily be lessened or eliminated. Busy parents who suspect that they should be doing more to protect their family but don’t know where to start will learn about practical changes they can make in the next fifteen minutes, fifteen days, or fifteen months to create a haven for healthier living.