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Mastering Authentic Beauty

Posted on May 31st, 2015 | Filed Under Health and Wellness, Self Care

Today, I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 5 of Chris Scott’s Virtual Blog Tour. Chris’ book Face With a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty MakeUp is celebrating its big Amazon launch on June 2nd, 2015.


CHRIS SCOTT, M.A. is the creator of San Francisco-based Makeup Gourmet®. Over his nearly 30-year career, in addition to doing makeup for top models from every corner of the planet, he has also had the honor of working for legends like Paul McCartney, US Vice President Al Gore, Shirley Temple Black, Maya Angelou and Olympic Gold medalists Oksana Baiul and Kristi Yamaguchi. He was the creator and host of the TV show Makeup Gourmet from 2008 to 2010, he was a leading Chanel Beauté national artist for over two decades, and is also the creator and guest teacher of Fashion Makeup at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He created his unique Makeup Gourmet line to ensure his clients and the public have access to high-quality, ethically produced, ‘green’ makeup and skincare with a low-carbon footprint. Chris is also the author of the wonderfully visual ‘how to’ book Face with a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Makeup (2014), as well as Cosmetic Counter Survival Guide: How to Buy the Right Skin Care and Makeup (2003).

Yesterday, Chris visited Dana Taylor at http://wp.me/p1yTXR-AL where they talked about authentic beauty for the older generation, and the keys to maintaining healthy skin as we age.

Today, I’d like to share a recent interview I had with Chris when I got to ask him some questions on being seen authentically in public, and how to see ourselves the way other people see us. I hope you enjoy it.


Michelle: There is a lot of talk about Authenticity in the world of self-improvement and self-growth.  That focus is an internal one, and it cultivates beauty on the inside – or from the inside out.  So, I am curious to learn more about the term you use “Authentic Beauty”.

CHRIS:  As a makeup artist, I want to clear a path so people see you more clearly. I use authentic as a ways to express how I feel my unique method of makeup application heightens how we and others see us.


Michelle:  I have found that many of the women I work with have a tendency to hide behind the computer, in their virtual work, and have fear of being seen.  We might avoid going to a networking event, and run the other direction when speaking opportunities arise.  Can you tell my readers why you write that it feels good to be seen?

CHRIS:  When we have a message that we truly want to communicate, it is important that our message is delivered and then received exactly as we intended. Then when we connect with others and they comprehend and appreciate your message, there is a feeling of completion.  As someone who thrives on sharing exact instruction to my clients, this is a good feeling.


Michelle:  Many women struggle with self-worth, self confidence and self-esteem.  I believe that we are on a journey to self-love – a journey back to our soul self.  But along the way, we have a lot of self-judgment about our body, our work and our abilities.  And what I have witnessed is that we are unable to see our beauty and our gifts because of that lens or filter of judgment.  You write about how we can shift that to see how other people see us.  Can you tell us more about that?

CHRIS:  Gladly. There are some real clear examples here. I like ‘We can’t see the forest because of the trees’. My trick is to help clients see the forest. When applying makeup, we are close to a mirror and focusing on one aspect of ourselves. As long as we stay close to that mirror, we will never see all of us. We become hypercritical of a single aspect. I work with two mirrors, one close to see what you are doing, and one at least three feet away to see ourselves as others will see us. Artists have to constantly do this with their work.


To look interchangeably at the tree and then the forest creates a more objective aesthetic that lies more in the harmony of features as oppose to one feature out of whack.



I hope you enjoyed this interview with Chris Scott and that you’ll check out his book Face With a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Make-Up during his big Amazon launch on June 2nd.  When you buy the book during the launch, you’ll receive dozens of free gifts from Chris, and his friends and colleagues. You can CLICK HERE to find out more about the book and these free gifts.


One of the gifts when you buy the book is the MP3 downloads to Chris’ 3-Day Telesummit ‘The Keys to Feeling Authentically Beautiful’, with fabulous panel of 11 internationally renowned image experts.

To receive a reminder to buy this book on launch day so you can get all the authentic beauty bonus gifts, go to http://makeupgourmet.com/book-launch/pages/pre-launch.php


If you’d like to catch more of Chris’ Virtual Blog tour, ‘visit’ him at these dates and places:

WEDNESDAY MAY 27th:  Andrew Mondia’s Pear-Shaped View Blog at http://bit.ly/1Go22vZ where they will talk about how beauty is for everyone, inner beauty, and seeing yourself through the eyes of others.

THURSDAY MAY 28th: Tina Games’ Moonlight Musings blog at http://bit.ly/1nJGkuY where they will talk about authentic beauty, believing you are beautiful, and the difference between ‘classic’ and ‘authentic’ beauty makeup.

FRIDAY MAY 29th: Callie Carling’s Cancer Goddess blog at http://bit.ly/1Jv46Zf  where they will talk about how light affects the way we look, and regaining confidence through authentic beauty.

SATURDAY MAY 30TH:  Dana Taylor’s Supernal Living blog at http://wp.me/p1yTXR-AL where they will discuss authentic beauty for the older generation, and the keys to maintaining healthy skin as we age.

SUNDAY MAY 31ST: Michelle Galatoire’s Nourish and Bloom blog at http://bit.ly/1DBQWCI where they will talk about being seen authentically in public, and how to see ourselves the way other people see us.

MONDAY JUNE 1ST: Mali Apple’s and Joe Dunn’s The Soulmate Experience at http://bit.ly/1JJYsPI where they will talk about tapping into our own beauty, and why authentic beauty is unrelated to our age.

TUESDAY JUNE 2nd: Lynn Serafinn’s Spirit Authors blog at http://wp.me/p3cvXN-Tf where they’ll be talking about how to choose visual images for a full-colour book, working with a photographer, and how ‘crossover’ authors can communicate their message to their audience.

Thanks for reading! Please share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback.

Conscious In-Fertility

Posted on September 29th, 2014 | Filed Under Featured, infertility, Life Balance, Self Care

What does it mean to be conscious in our fertility efforts? Especially when getting pregnant is a challenge? Being ‘conscious’ is a word that is tossed around a lot of late, so let’s take a closer look at the formal meaning of the word ‘conscious’.
con•scious pronounced [kon-shuh s]

1. aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
2. fully aware of or sensitive to something
3. having the mental faculties fully active
4. known to oneself; felt
5. aware of what one is doing


When I read this definition with the eyes or filter of my in-fertility experience, I realize, in many ways, I was, at times, unconscious about the way I walked through this journey we call in-fertility. I was aware that I wanted a baby. I prayed for a baby. I thought I needed a baby. I would, in fact, do anything just about anything, jump through any hoop for a baby. And as this desperate desire caused my awareness to become more and more tunneled vision, it became acute and all-consuming.

So, if the desire for that baby inherently blocks out (to some degree) other awareness of our existence, sensation, thoughts, and surroundings outside the full awareness necessary to make wise choices and live fully, how can one walk through in-fertility fully ‘conscious’?

The answer is as simple as in the answers similar questions of awareness or enlightenment in other cultures and throughout the religions and traditions. Living in the Now. I realize that this might sound ludicrous when one is in the despair of in-fertility. Who wants to be there? But behind the mind, just below the despair, in the breath, is Now. And when you can reach Now, all is well. After all, what else do we have? The past is done, and does not have to prescribe our future. Our future is still malleable to our intent and actions. And now is perfect. We breathe. We are. We are okay.

My in-fertility journey was anything but conscious in the beginning, which is why I wish to share my story – a sort of ‘what NOT to do’ testimony. The lessons that I now share were learned deep into my journey, and the jewels of that journey are rich and many. You can gather your own jewels, too. here are a few tips on how to begin that for yourself.

One. Don’t go it alone. There are organizations and groups out there with women just like you, struggling and feeling isolated. Join Resolve or a group at your place of worship, or consider starting your own group on MeetUp.com. Connecting with other women who are dealing with the same emotions you are is incredibly healing. Some of my dearest friends and soul sisters came from being involved with Resolve and working with The Fertile Soul.

Two. Gather your Fertility Team. Don’t go it alone! Gather the experts who can best support you – ones that you can trust to have your best interest at heart. Gather your doctor, your acupuncturist, your body worker, your yoga teacher, your nutritionist and your coach. Knowing your team has your back allows you to let go of some of the stress you are carrying.

Three. Don’t go it alone! Bring your God, Creator, your Higher Power into your life. A strong connection with your Creator will give you strength when you most need it. Going through infertility is often a time when we question our faith, and move away from our traditional spiritual practice. Embrace that this is a time for your spirituality to mature and expand into one that is more meaningful and alive in your heart. Even five minutes a day, BEing quiet, BEing aware that you are a spiritual BEing having a human experience will ease the stress that our mind creates.

Four. Don’t go it alone! Pull together all the above and take all of it to your Journal. Your Journal can be your most trusted place to be authentic with where you are in this process. It is a safe place to be honest with your fears, and release them. This is the perfect tool to bring about awareness…consciousness. The practice of journaling creates space for self-inquiry, self-connection, release and inspiration – even creativity – which is the energetic force we wish to cultivate!

Allow these tools to heighten your ability to stay conscious on your fertility journey, and you will be enriched, aware and more connected with you.

Love & Light,

Your Time to Blossom?

Posted on March 15th, 2014 | Filed Under Personal Growth

I ran across this quote the other day – “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

I love this quote as it so beautifully expresses the duality of the dilema – there is risk of vulnerability if we visibly blossom.  And there is the  risk of never fully experiencing our potential if we make ourselves small,  hold all our possibilities tight, like  a bud.  Did you get messages in your upbringing that it was not appropriate to be seen or heard?  Not okay to be ‘big’?   ‘Too big for your britches’ is a funny expression, but what a limiting message lies therein!  Were you taught to make yourself small?

What thoughts  does this quote invoke in you?  At this time in your journey?  Are you ready to expand?  Have you feelings of expansiveness trying to bust out?  Have you discovered that making yourself small does not serve the world?  Have you come to that crossroads where it is time to choose to take the risk to blossom?  And your life, as you know it, must shift in order to accomodate your new expression of self?

What is the risk?

Sometimes we fear that our loved ones will not accept the ‘new’ you.  Indeed, some friendships may fall away – as there is a time and season for all things.  Can you afford to let your season pass?

Soon Spring will be upon us,  the season of new growth.   Before that energy arrives, allow yourself to sit with these thoughts and feelings of holding back your fullest potential.   Allow that potential to be seen in the soft moonlight of your awareness.  When you are ready to blossom, allow the sun to shine upon you!   And make room for new growth and promise!