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New Novel by Milan Ljubincic Takes You on a Journey to the Soul

Posted on May 13th, 2014 | Filed Under Personal Growth, Spirituality

TODAY on Amazon, an inspiring new novel is making its debut. It’s called Island of Souls: Light Within the Dark by internationally renowned psychologist and speaker, Milan Ljubincic.


I’m pleased to be supporting Milan with the launch of this refreshing and illuminating book.
Written much in the tradition of other metaphysical authors like Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist) and James Redfield (The Celestine Prophecy), author Milan Ljubincic uses the powerful vehicle of fiction to weave a rich, allegorical story that illustrates how every one of us can find harmony and joy when we learn the language of our own hearts, and reawaken the wondrous spirit that already lies within us.

Island of Souls: Light Within the Dark is celebrating its big Amazon launch TODAY Tuesday May 13th, 2014. When you buy the book during the launch, you’ll receive DOZENS of beautiful bonus gifts from Milan’s friends and colleagues – including one from me!

You can watch Milan’s exciting book trailer, buy the book AND receive dozens of free bonus gifts TODAY at: http://islandofsouls.com/book-launch/pages/pre-launch.php


Magnificent Truths of Our Existence, Interview with Daniel Parmeggiani

Posted on May 5th, 2014 | Filed Under Spirituality

Today, I am delighted to be a host on Day 7 of Daniel Parmeggiani’s Virtual Blog Tour, whose new book, The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence, is currently celebrating its official launch.


Daniel Parmeggiani is a modern-day spiritual teacher whose approach is unaligned with any particular religion or tradition. Driven by intense psychological turmoil when he was younger, Daniel discovered within himself a deeper reality that he says not only saved his life, but also showed him the way to permanent happiness and inner peace. Those revelations became the foundation of his book, The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence.

Yesterday, Daniel visited Janet Matthies’ ‘Infinity Flexibility’ Blog at visiting Janet Matthies’ ‘Infinity Flexibility’ blog at http://infinityflexibility.com/wp/?p=1276 where she asked him some questions on the three keys to finding truth and our universal need for safety.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Daniel when I got to ask him about the nature of the harmony we all seek and the key to inner peace.


MICHELLE: Could you discuss the nature of the harmony that we all seek?

DANIEL: Happiness depends on the perception of harmony in our lives. We seek harmony in two areas, internally within ourselves and externally with the world. Inner harmony is finding peace with ourselves and achieving self-acceptance and self-love. Harmony with the world has four parts:

• Meaning: We all need to feel like our lives, the universe, and our place in it makes sense and has deep, lasting meaning.
• Connection: We all want to feel like we are an integral part of something greater than ourselves and that we are connected to each other rather than isolated fragments.
• Fairness: We all share an intrinsic need for fairness in our lives and in our world.
• Safety: We all long to be eternally safe.

Most of what we do is an attempt to create more harmony in our lives. This common motivation is in large part what makes us innocent. It is also what makes us equal.

MICHELLE: What do you think is the key to inner peace?

DANIEL: Inner peace demands that we lack any desire for things to be different than they already are. Therefore, the key to inner peace is the awareness of the perfection of all things, yourself included. You must come to understand why nothing that ever happens is a mistake and that everything happens the only way it can. You must see that everything and everyone is ultimately traveling on the best possible path, and that all paths eventually lead to spiritual realization, wisdom, and total fulfillment.

MICHELLE: Hmmm….I love that. So what can we do mindfully and spiritually to find our true purpose in life?

DANIEL: Between TV, the internet, social media and our mobile devices, modern life is filled with so much noise that we often cannot listen to our inner voice. That inner voice is wise and knows our true purpose, so the most important thing we must do is disconnect everyday from the noise and spend some quality time with ourselves. Take some time out and sit quietly to meditate, read, or write in your journal. Go out into nature and allow your mind to quiet. It is during these times that you can access your inner voice and find your guidance. Ask yourself the important questions at that time, and listen closely for the answers.

Sometimes, the first voice you hear is what you want to hear and not necessarily the truth. It may be a while until you tap into your real voice of wisdom, but stick with it and eventually it will surface.

Thank you, Daniel!


I hope you enjoyed this brief interview with Daniel Parmeggiani, author of The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence.


In Daniel’s words, “this book provides deep spiritual insight about who we really are, the cause of our suffering, and how to transform our lives.” If you are intrigued to find out more about Dan’s approach to achieving the highest spiritual aspirations of happiness, love and inner peace, pick up a copy of The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence at:


AND…when you buy the book now during the official launch, you’ll receive dozens of beautiful free gifts from Daniel and his friends and colleagues. It’s their way of saying ‘thank you’ for supporting Daniel in this important spiritual work.

Thank you for reading! Please share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback.

Be sure to follow Daniel tomorrow on the next stop of his Virtual Blog Tour, when he’ll be visiting Carl Bozeman’s blog’ at http://cbozeman.wordpress.com where they will be discussing the practical way to find happiness and how we can find the purpose in our lives.

In gratitude,

Happiness IS Success! Master Secret Program by Eldon Taylor

Posted on April 15th, 2014 | Filed Under Personal Growth

Are you still searching for what will make you truly happy? You know, that illusive something that will finally give you a feeling of being satisfied with your life? Is your belief system full of statements such as, “If I only had . . . . then I would be happy?” The problem is life continually shows us that achieving specific goals invariably does not make us happy; or maybe it only makes us happy for a short while, before we start looking for the next thing we need to be happy. And what a crazy cycle that can be! There are seven fundamentals to happiness and they are available to all of us.

How would you like to feel absolutely content with life, optimistic about the future, confident in yourself, perfectly at peace, happy with who you are, free of stress, comfortable in your relationships, joyous, forgiving, accepting and more?


My friend and colleague, Eldon Taylor, has come up with an answer I know will resonate with you. If you don’t know him, Eldon’s a NY Times best selling author who is considered to be one of the world’s experts on preconscious thinking (those thought processes that appear to happen automatically). Many people just think of him as the ‘mind expert.’ He developed the patented InnerTalk technology that has been researched by many independent universities and institutions (such as Stanford University) and been repeatedly demonstrated effective at changing your self-talk. Your self-talk is that non-stop chatter that goes on in your mind, and it is a reflection of your inner beliefs and it is these beliefs that truly dictate how happy (or not happy) you are.

Think about it for a moment. When you are having a bad day, your self-talk will go along the lines of: “I am tired and fed-up. I can’t wait until I go home. I hate this job. But when I get home I still have all my chores to do. I’m just fed up.” With this kind of self-talk, no wonder you are feeling down. But imagine if this self-talk went along the lines of: “This is fun. I love my job. My colleagues are so much fun and I am glad to be working on this project with them. I love my life! I can’t wait to share with my family.” If this was your self-talk, your expectation of the world would change. Expectation precedes perception and consequently our attitudes and behavior. You have the power to change, and InnerTalk makes this process easy!

You can choose to change your self-talk!
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Eldon has released his amazing Success is Happiness collection, a program designed to bring you the inner happiness that is necessary for you to be truly successful and it is at an unheard of low, low price! This collection includes some really inspiring lectures, some headphone programs to give you that immediate boost, and a number of InnerTalk subliminal programs that will automatically change your self talk from the inside out.

There are 20 programs on 16 CDs in all. Purchased individually this collection would cost you $559.00. But as part of this amazing offer, you can get your set for only $119.00. That’s a gigantic savings of over $400! This is an incredible value.

I have wondered for many years if there was anything like this out there . . . it seemed to me that some people have a hard time meditating because they have so much chatter going on in their minds. It seemed like there had to be some way to get there if you really wanted to . . . and this is it! I am so excited!
~ Allison R., Driggs, ID

Happiness is a choice. Are you ready to choose? Click Here for More Information.

I know you’ll love this collection! It will change your life and that is priceless! Get your copy today and start enjoying life to the fullest!


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Gifts To Help You Improve Your Life, Wealth, Health and Happiness!

Posted on January 6th, 2012 | Filed Under Featured, Health and Wellness, Life Balance, Personal Growth, Spirituality

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