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    Beauty. Vitality. Strength.

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    What’s the N+B Difference?

    Our vision is to revolutionize women’s health by developing products with the highest-quality ingredients from the best possible sources. We didn’t over-engineer our formulas with mega-doses of trendy ingredients—choosing instead to focus on science, simplicity, and effectiveness. Of course, our products can’t transform women’s lives all by themselves. The Nourish + Bloom Life app guides women on their wellness journeys with daily videos created by our team of better-living experts, including nutritionists, personal trainers, meditation instructors, and yogis.


    Each of our products were formulated with thoughtfulness, love and a big dose of science! Our products aren't made with unsubstantiated fillers and extra chemicals, but with clinically researched ingredients in clinically researched doses. We also know that the companies we work with to provide raw ingredients take their supply chain very seriously. You should feel good about what you put into your body.


    We're obsessed with quality. And we want to prove it. Every ingredient, every formula, and every process has met our high standards. We work only with the highest quality manufacturers that use FDA-approved processes. The raw materials in our products are subject to a rigorous qualification process, and all raw materials are tested upon receipt into the manufacturing facility to ensure identity, potency, and purity.


    Our vision is to revolutionize women's health and wellness. To do it, we've made products that are formulated with organic whole foods. We want you to have a natural experience, not one that's full of artificial ingredients and pesticides. Our Omega-3 source, for example, is wild caught and certified by Friend of the Sea, a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the marine habitat.

    Meet our experts

    Meet our team of wellness experts! From meditation gurus, to yoga practitioners, to exercise science Ph.D’s, our experts represent a wealth of knowledge across a broad spectrum of women’s health and wellness. These eight women have come together to provide you information and advice to enhance your beauty, vitality, and strength.

    kandace hudspeth nourish + bloom expert founder and president


    N+B Founder + President
    Lifetime fitness enthusiast + boss lady


    Nourish + Bloom Founder Kandace Hudspeth spent many years as a digital marketing executive in New York City. Without enough sleep, fresh air, or exercise, Kandace began to feel that her successful career was getting in the way of her primary life goal: wellness. Over time, her feeling of “I need more in my life” grew exponentially.


    As a long-time athlete and exercise enthusiast, Kandace has always leaned on the discipline and work ethic learned through fitness to build her career. She wanted a career that could allow her to inspire women to whole-heartedly pursue their best self in the gym and the office. So, Kandace moved to Boise, Idaho, where she could professionalize her passion.


    As the founder of Nourish + Bloom, Kandace recognized the need for high-quality, all-natural wellness supplements for the busy, high-achieving woman. She also saw that many women were interested in a holistic lifestyle. For Kandace, true wellness is the foundation. She knows a healthy body, present mind, and full heart will break through all barriers and allow for success in calm, confident action.

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    cassie smith nourish + bloom expert executive editor

    Cassie Smith

    N+B Executive Editor
    Competitive athlete + mama


    Introducing N+B’s Executive Editor, Cassie Smith. After her tenure as a college soccer player, Cassie found a competitive outlet in CrossFit. In July of 2015, she competed as a member of the Verdant CrossFit team at the CrossFit Games. Cassie is also a national-level weightlifter and an advanced USA Weightlifting sports performance coach.


    Cassie has been a content writer and editor in the health and fitness space for years. From interviewing Olympians and dietitians, to writing features on women making waves, to researching the truth behind the latest wellness trends, to creating lifting programs for clients, to reviewing supplements, Cassie has gathered a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective on wellness. She’s committed to helping women learn to love their body. She wants all women to appreciate all the incredible things the body does.


    Cassie was an integral part of the creation of Nourish + Bloom. Using her experience, interest, and expertise in women’s health and fitness, she helped ensure quality in all aspects of our company.


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    krissy kendall nourish + bloom expert phd


    PHD Exercise Physiology
    Dog lover + scientist


    Krissy Kendall, Ph.D. is the Science Editor for We Motivate Media. She joined the Digital Publishing group after 2.5 years as an Assistant Professor in the School of Health and Kinesiology at Georgia Southern University.  Her research interests lie in how exercise and nutrition can impact body composition and performance.


    Dr. Kendall has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, and abstracts on sports nutrition, supplementation, and training adaptations.


    Krissy received her master’s and Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma, studying Exercise Physiology. She holds certifications through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS*D), International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN), and American College of Sports Medicine (EP-C).


    Krissy’s passion for health and fitness goes well beyond her day job. She doesn’t just study and write about working out and living a healthy lifestyle, she actually does it!  If she’s not at her desk, there’s a good chance you can find her in the gym teaching a group exercise class. Krissy says she’s constantly inspired and motivated by the members she gets to interact with.


    We’re so proud to have Krissy on our Nourish + Bloom Expert Team. This smart, funny, beautiful woman is part of what makes our brand so special.

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    woman taking multivitamins


    sally cleary nourish + bloom expert licensed professional counselor


    Licensed Professional Counselor
    Trail runner + mind healer


    Sally is particularly excited about the area of women’s mental wellness. As a mental health therapist, she’s found one of the best tools a woman can use to cope with the complexities of life is self-love and self-acceptance. Sally says women often feel foolish and unworthy, but through self-acceptance we can begin to feel worthy and loveable, even when we fall short of our goals. When women learn to kick harmful criticism and shame to the curb, they are unstoppable!


    At her private practice in Boise Idaho, she uses a person-centered, cognitive behavioral approach, and incorporates the principles of mindfulness as often as possible.  She believes that no one is broken, but that it takes a little time and support to progress beyond those issues that make us feel stuck.


    Sally Cleary graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 2000. She then obtained a Master’s degree in Counseling in 2003 from the University of Northern Colorado.  Since becoming licensed in 2005, she has worked with clients of all ages and situations to find greater joy in their lives.


    N+B is privileged to have Sally Cleary on our team. We’re so happy to have her work alongside women as they develop healthy, acceptance-based relationships with themselves.

    rosie acosta nourish + bloom expert meditation


    Meditation Expert
    Life coach + soul reader


    Rosie Acosta is a yoga & meditation teacher and teacher trainer, certified nutritionist + life coach, and founder of R a d i c a l l y L o v e d Yoga Health and Wellness.


    Rosie is an expert at helping her students cultivate a life of mindfulness, presence, and intention. She is known as a teacher who is skilled in her ability to guide students into experiencing a deeper connection with themselves and exploring the consistent changes of life while creatively weaving in spiritual elements from her own practice and experience.


    In all her work, Rosie teaches and practices radical love and uses this as a guiding force to overcome adversity. Through yoga, healthy lifestyle choices, mantra, and self-inquiry, she aspires to help others find their unique gifts. She connects with her students to help them live radically loved lives.


    Along with her every day students, Rosie has worked with Olympic athletes, NFL champions, NBA All-Stars, at-risk youth, and veterans. Most recently, she is working on a book about Yoga and Meditation.


    Her articles can be found in Mantra magazine, MindBodyGreen, FOX News Latino, Pop Sugar Fitness, Well+Good, and Evolve Fit Wear. She can be found teaching yoga and coaching workshops around the country as well as leading international teacher trainings. Rosie is also a proud ambassador for Wanderlust, Yoga Journal, City Silence, Manduka, and Living Yoga. Rosie is also the host of Radically Loved Radio, a podcast that has over 150,000 listeners worldwide.




    abbie smith-ryan nourish + bloom nutrition expert phd


    PHD Exercise Physiology
    Inspiring mom + professor


    Abbie Smith-Ryan, PhD, CSCS*D, FACSM, FNSCA, FISSN is an assistant professor of exercise and sport science at the University of North Carolina. Abbie’s research interests center around exercise and nutrition to improve body composition and metabolic health. Dr. Smith-Ryan is an active member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).


    Abbie also contributes to the field through over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts, numerous scholastic book chapters, and multiple international and national presentations.


    Abbie has a huge passion for improving the health and lives of women.  Women are understudied in research and rarely considered when developing nutrition and exercise programs. It is for this reason Abbie has spent the past several years devoted toward evaluating female physiological responses in her laboratory.


    As a former college athlete and busy full-time working mom, Abbie is always looking for evidenced-based ways to improve energy, productivity, and maximizing the benefits of exercise.


    Nourish + Bloom is so excited that Abbie is part of the team. She brings an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise alongside a compassion for busy moms everywhere.




    jennifer ludington nourish + bloom expert fitness


    Women's Fitness Expert
    Motivation guru + entrepreneur


    Jennifer Ludington worked in the corporate grind for many years and eventually decided she needed a change. She moved into the fitness sphere and has been here ever since. After motivating people to make positive changes in their lives, she learned that fitness is life changing! She love empowering women to make healthy changes in their lives so they can live more happily. She wholeheartedly believes that consistent action toward your goals equals success.


    Jen has trained primarily women for the past 11 years, competed at the national level, and has written nutrition programs for women with all kinds of goals. She’s the owner and founder of an exercise facility called A2O Fitness, and has also created a nutrition bar called FitFUEL.


    We’re proud to have Jen on our Nourish+Bloom Expert Team. We know that her many years of experience is an invaluable asset.


    emily louise nourish + bloom expert yoga


    Expert Yoga Practitioner
    Gentle spirit + amazing athlete


    With a background in competitive gymnastics and dance, yoga, and CrossFit, Emily has a strong foundation in body awareness and control, understands functional and efficient movement, and emphasizes moderation and balance. She graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology. Emily is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and holds the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate.


    Emily works toward enhancing the well being of her clients by empowering them with knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources. Her goal is to assist and inspire them on their journey toward a healthier life.


    Emily’s greatest desire is to show women the strength they have within themselves. As a yoga teacher and personal trainer, she wants to help women develop confidence in their abilities and believe in their own power. To Emily, feeling strong and empowered makes everyone live fuller, healthier lives.


    We’re so glad Emily is part of Nourish + Bloom. Her gentle spirit and lifelong yoga practice are the perfect compliment to our Expert Team.





    N+B Formulator
    locavore + mom of 2


    Rachel Kreider MPH, RD, LDN is a wellness enthusiast who is passionate about helping other women in pursuit of their personal version of wellness.


    She is an experienced formulator of dietary supplements. With all her experiences so far, she considers working on Nourish + Bloom to be her most exciting achievement. She is honored to work with a team of women who are truly dedicated to developing amazing products to support our customers. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge of integrative and functional nutrition as well as ingredient science.


    When she’s not reading about nutrition, she’s probably teaching a class at the gym or trying out the latest fitness fads with her girlfriends. She has been a group exercise instructor since her time in college and loves motivating others to improve. Her experience in healthcare and her personal life have shown her how important it is to care for our bodies and develop healthy habits from a young age. Aesthetic goals are great, but knowing the impact exercise can have on our quality of life is truly her driving force.


    In her spare time, Rachel enjoys cooking for her friends and family. She’s passionate about supporting local agriculture, serving as a host site for a local CSA (community supported agriculture) group, and loves the idea of knowing exactly where her family’s food is coming from. To her, there is nothing better than enjoying a meal prepared with love and attention with friends and family (and converting them to Brussels sprout lovers in the process!).

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