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    Organic Teas

    Awaken your body and mind

    • Green tea and antioxidants for natural energy*
    • Soothing caffeine-free tisane
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    Our delicious organic teas are perfect for any time of day, hot or iced. Choose Blood Orange or Raspberry for a kick of energy, or Passion Berry if you’d like a decaffeinated refresher.* For a more flavorful experience, allow tea to steep for 2 minutes in hot water before drinking.


    Steep for 2 minutes in hot water. Sip and enjoy.

    steep tea bag
    sip + enjoy

    An Expert's Take On Products

    "I don’t drink coffee, so these teas are perfect! I like the Blood Orange and Raspberry teas during the morning or in the afternoon for an energy boost and kick of antioxidant power. I love the Passion Berry for a calming, evening treat—it just pairs so perfectly with a good book."

    Cassie Smith

    N+B Executive Editor, competitive strength athlete


    About Us


    Are all of your teas green teas?

    Our Passion Berry Tisane is actually rooibos tea, not green tea. This naturally sweet beverage is caffeine free and full of antioxidants and polyphenols. The Rooibos bush grows exclusively in South Africa and has been popular there for decades. Our tasty blend also includes passion fruit and raspberry notes. Enjoy!

    Can I drink your teas both hot and cold?

    Absolutely! Treat yourself to a warming cup or a refreshingly cool drink.

    How can I make the most delicious tea possible?

    Green Tea: Heat fresh, filtered water to 185 degrees F. Place the tea sachet in your fave mug, and pour in the hot water. Allow the tea to steep for 2-4 minutes, then remove the sachet. Leaving the tea sachet in the tea for too long may result in a more bitter cup of tea.

    Herbal Tea: Heat fresh, filtered water to 212 degrees F (boiling). Place the sachet in your fave mug, and pour in the hot water. Allow the tea to steep for about 2 minutes, then remove the sachet.

    Why so specific on steeping time and water temperature? These two elements are everything when it comes to brewing tea, and our tea experts have perfected the optimal conditions for a delicious cup every time. When it comes to a more delicate green tea, steeping at a slightly lower temperature for a shorter time extracts the sweet and herbal notes, but keeps the more bitter ones at bay. The fruits and herbs in our herbal tea can withstand a slightly higher temperature and longer steeping time.

    How is your tea packaged? In individual bags?

    Yes. One box of tea contains 15 individual packets.

    Are the teas safe to drink while I'm pregnant or nursing.

    We don’t recommend our teas for pregnant or nursing women.


    “I’m not usually a tea kind of girl, but the blood orange flavor is totally amazing!”


    “A 2pm cup of energizing green tea is perfect for those busy afternoons at work.”


    “I secretly stole some of my wife’s passion berry tea and loved it! Had to come here to give kudos.”


    Love our Organic Teas?

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