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    Whole Food Shake

    Vegan protein in 20-serving bag

    • 30 superfoods for radiant health and antioxidant support
    • 25 grams of vegan protein sourced from brown rice, legumes, and leafy greens
    • 20 servings; select “autoreplenish” and receive a 10% savings

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    Vegan Fiber Blend

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    Promotes fullness and 
digestive health*

    Vegan Fiber Blend

    Many women experience some bloating, constipation, and gastric distress, so we blended vegan fiber sources for a powerful digestive system sweep. Fiber isn’t digestible, so it passes through your body fairly intact, helping to normalize your bowel movements. Our vegan fiber blend is made from acacia fiber, pea fiber, oat fiber, apple fiber, flax seed, all of which include soluble and unsoluble fiber.


    • Lyly, M., Liukkonen, K. H., Salmenkallio-Marttila, M., Karhunen, L., Poutanen, K., & Lähteenmäki, L. (2009). Fibre in beverages can enhance perceived satiety.European journal of nutrition48(4), 251-258.
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    protein powder with scoop

    Vegan Protein Blend

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    Builds tissue and keeps you sated*

    Vegan Protein Blend

    Protein is an essential nutrient that does most of the work in your body’s cells. It’s necessary for almost every function and structure of your body’s organs, and tissues like hair, skin, and nails. Our vegan protein blend is made from vegetable, seed, legume, and rice proteins. Each of these protein types work together to provide your body all the essential amino acids in an easy-to-digest form.*


    • Farup, J., Rahbek, S. K., Knudsen, I. S., de Paoli, F., Mackey, A. L., & Vissing, K. (2014). Whey protein supplementation accelerates satellite cell proliferation during recovery from eccentric exercise.Amino Acids46(11), 2503-2516.
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    Fruit and Vegetable Blend

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    Provides vital micronutrients*

    Fruit and Vegetable Blend

    We all know we’re supposed to eat more fruits and vegetables. Why not get them in our Whole Food Shake? With ingredients including beets, apple, cranberry, pomegranate, acai, broccoli, and kale, (to name a very few), you can enjoy your shake knowing you’re drinking in a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. In each shake, you’ll get 25% of your daily value of vitamins D, A, C, K, B, and E.* You’ll also enjoy 60% of your daily iron needs, as well as 10% of your calcium needs.*


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    Indulge in our delicious Whole Food Shake to fuel your workout, to replenish your body afterward, or anytime hunger strikes. Fiber-packed vegan proteins from peas, rice, pumpkin seeds, and beans, as well as enzymes to support healthy digestion. Vital micronutrients are gently extracted from non-GMO fruit and vegetables to provide you with a truly whole food meal that’s easily and quickly absorbed.  Choose from two delicious flavors: Vanilla Spice and Decadent Chocolate Truffle.  Of course, this satisfying treat is free of soy, gluten, and artificial colors and flavors.



    An Expert's Take On Products

    “Women are more prone to more digestive issues and bloating than men. Some of those problems can actually come from whey. Whey has lactose in it, which can be difficult to digest even if you’re not a vegetarian. So, if you've had tummy trouble in the past, plant-based proteins are a good strategy to try.”

    Abbie Smith-Ryan

    PHD Exercise Physiology


    About Us


    How is a powder a whole food?

    From the protein sources to the micronutrients, all of the constituents of our whole foods shake have been extracted from food. Everything comes from plant sources, meaning they were not synthesized in a laboratory environment.

    I usually feel bloated after a protein shake. How is Whole Food Shake different?

    Many people experience digestive discomfort from whey protein because it contains lactose, but find vegan protein to be much gentler. Our Whole Food Shake also contains enzymes to support digestion. If artificial sweeteners upset your stomach, rest assured that you won’t find any in here!

    Is this shake a meal or a snack?

    Protein and fiber are a magical combination for satisfying hunger. Mix the Whole Food Shake powder with water for a yummy snack, or blend with your favorite kind of milk, fruit and veggies, or yogurt for an easy, nutritious meal.

    How and when should I use Whole Food Shake?

    Whole Food Shake is great as a meal or a snack any time of day.  If you need a quick meal, blend Whole Food Shake with fruits, veggies, and your favorite milk for some extra calories. If you just need a snack, Whole Food Shake mixes well into water or milk. You can also throw a serving into your pancake or muffin batter for some extra fiber, protein, and flavor.

    What other benefits can I expect?

    Our Whole Food Shake contains 25% of your Daily Value of Vitamin D and 10% of your Daily Value of calcium. Your bones will thank you for drinking in the goodness!

    Is Whole Food Shake safe for kids?

    Whole Food Shake is made with all-natural ingredients. It’s absolutely safe for kids.

    What if I have food allergies?

    Like all of our products, Whole Food Shake is soy- and gluten-free. We also use all-natural colors and sweeteners. Please check the ingredient label for any possible allergy-inducing ingredients.

    Does N+B have a favorite protein shake recipe to share?


    Chocolate Banana Almond Shake

    1 packet or serving of Dark Chocolate Truffle Whole Food Shake
    1 cup almond milk
    1 tbsp slivered almonds
    3 drops vanilla extract
    1 frozen banana

    1. Blend in a blender.
    2. Enjoy!

    Is it safe to use while I'm pregnant or nursing?

    Whole Food Shake is made from all-natural whole foods. You won’t find any creepy chemicals or unnecessary ingredients, so you can feel good about putting it into your body, even if you’re sharing it!

    How is Whole Food Shake sweetened?

    Our dark chocolate truffle is sweetened with a blend of organic Stevia extracts, (one that is standardized to steviol glycosides and one that is standardized to Rebaudioside A.), a combination which imparts different notes to the sweetness profile, and monk fruit.

    Our vanilla spice is sweetened with a blend of organic Stevia extracts (one that is standardized to steviol glycosides and one that is standardized to Rebaudioside A).



    “Wowza!! I just tried this in my protein shake this afternoon after some much needed time in the squat rack and I’m amazed! I love the taste and can’t believe you packed all those nutrient dense greens into something so tasty without sugar and loaded with fiber. :)”

    Jennifer (N+B Expert Panelist)

    “I like the protein!! I just added some cinnamon, almond milk, water and ice. It has a more natural taste but very chocolatey and yummy 🙂 Thank you!”


    “I have tried all kinds of whole food shakes and products in search of finding one that would be good for my on the go lifestyle, and Nourish + Bloom products have won me over for many reasons. The Dark Chocolate Truffle whole food shake and Greens +Vitality are delicious and the first shakes I have been able to drink (and enjoy) when only mixing with water! On the days I have some extra time I love to try out all of the mixing suggestions posted on the N+B app and not one has left me disappointed!”


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